Platelet Function Testing Kits

Platelet Function Testing Kits

Our easy to use kits are a completely unique concept in the assessment of platelet function.

Each kit includes all that is needed to activate and fix platelets in a few easy steps. Simply take a blood sample, process using the kit and then analyse by flow cytometry at your convenience or send to us for expert analysis.

Platelet function testing in pre-clinical and clinical research made easy.

Platelet Function Testing Kit Information Sheet

Platelet Function Testing Kit Instructions

Small Animal Platelet Testing Kits

Testing kits to assess platelet function in small animals are being developed and validated by Platelet Solutions based on the same technology as the testing kits for human blood samples. Please enquire if you are interested in this approach.

Platelet function testing kits:
  • Can be used by any personnel with expertise in taking blood samples
  • Can be paired with the most common blood taking tools
  • Are designed so that platelets can be stimulated via several activation pathways
  • Allow testing of the effects of standard antiplatelet agents, such as aspirin, clopidogrel, prasugrel and ticagrelor
  • Can act as a pre filter to exclude or confirm platelet dysfunction as a contributor to heritable/acquired haemostatic defect
  • Measure defects in COX 1/Thromboxane, ADP and Thrombin pathways
  • Are cost-effective:
    • no need for investment in specialised equipment or facilities
    • long shelf life – kits are stable for at least 9 months at ambient temperature
  • Are designed to stabilise platelet activation markers for up to 9 days after sample preparation allowing remote analysis at a central laboratory – just process the samples and send them for analysis
  • Enable testing at several sites and analysis at one central laboratory thus offering a reliable standardised approach for testing platelets in a multi centre setup

If you already have access to a flow cytometer, Platelet Testing Kits offer a cost effective means for batch collection of samples prior to analysis with guaranteed sample integrity and provide the flexibility for accessing time on the flow cytometer. Why not become a central laboratory for sample analysis?

Please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and identify unique solutions.

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